The VWF Universal Championship is the mid-card professional wrestling women's championship owned by Vixenz Wrestling Federation. It was established in 2012.


The first champion was determined at the finals of the championship tournament between Minako Aino and Yuna at Judgment Day 2012 in a ladder match via Press Your Luck stipulation.

Past DesignsEdit

When VWF began, it used the classic WWE Intercontinential Championship belt for seasons one & two, using the "Intergalactic" name. On Saturday Night's Main Event 2013, Fred revealed that every championship will have a makeover at VixenMania 2. The new championship is revealed as the same belt, but with silver plating and white strap.

Current DesignEdit

Not only was the design altered, but the name as well. Fred decided to alter the name to "Universal" to make it short and have the same meaning as "Intergalactic", before its debut at VixenMania 3.

Championship HistoryEdit

Vixen Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Season 1
1 Feb. 26, 2012 28 VWF Arena Judgment Day 2012 Aino won the title against Yuna in the finals of the Intergalactic Championship Tournament.
1 March 25, 2012 245 Phoenix, AZ VixenMania
Season 2
1 Nov. 25, 2012 63 VWF Arena WarGames 2012 Rei won the title in a Triple Threat Match by making Rikku tap out. Yuna was also in the match.
1 Jan. 27, 2013 274 VWF Arena Rumble Roses 2013
Season 3
1 Oct. 28, 2013 28 VWF Arena Monday Nitro, Ep. 5
1 Nov. 25, 2013 62 VWF Arena Monday Nitro, Ep. 9 This was Cat's debut match.
1 Jan. 26, 2014 63 VWF Arena Rumble Roses 2014 Lightning won the title in a Triple Threat Match by pinning Mickie James. Zingano was also in the match. This was also the final time the championship is defended under the "Intergalactic" name.
1 April 27, 2014 1662+ Las Vegas, NV VixenMania 3 The title was renamed the "Universal Championship", on VWF SNME 2014, before this match.