Tina Armstrong
Tina armstrong doa5 by dirtscan-d5rs3y6
Names Superstar of a Thousand Dreams
Billed From Texas
Debut WarGames 2013
Entrance Theme(s) DoA 5 Tina's Theme (I Feel for You)
Finisher(s) -Death Valley (Attitude Adjustment)
-Tina Cutter (Diamond Cutter)

Tina Armstrong (Japanese: ティナ・アームストロング Hepburn: Tina Āmusutorongu) is a player character in the Dead or Alive fighting game franchise by Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei. She was introduced in the original Dead or Alive in 1996 as an American professional wrestler who uses the Dead or Alive fighting tournaments as a springboard to fame and fortune. In subsequent series appearances, she is indecisive about her career interests, much to the chagrin of her overprotective father, Bass Armstrong. Tina has appeared on official series merchandise in addition to the feature film DOA: Dead or Alive, and has received critical reception as one of the most iconic video-game blondes.


Season 3Edit

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