Tifa Lockhart (Japanese: ティファ・ロックハート Hepburn: Tifa Rokkuhāto) is a fictional character in Square's (now Square Enix) role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII. Created and designed by Tetsuya Nomura, she has since appeared in the fighting game Ehrgeiz and made cameo appearances in several other titles, as well as the CGI film sequel to Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children and related games and media in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series.

A member of the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE and owner of the 7th Heaven bar in the slums of Midgar, Tifa is the childhood friend of Cloud Strife, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. Convincing him to join the group to keep him close and safe, she later assists him in saving the Planet from the game's villain, Sephiroth. Installments in The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII later expanded upon her character, such as in the film Advent Children, where she attempts to convince Cloud to let go of his self-imposed guilt, and move on with his life after Sephiroth's defeat.

Named the pin-up girl of the "cyber generation" by The New York Times, Tifa has been compared to Lara Croft as an example of a strong, independent and attractive female character in video games. Media have repeatedly praised both the character's strength and appearance and described her as one of the best female characters in gaming.

In VWF, she was part of the Al Qaeda faction, lead by Abdala Bin Laden. After its demise, Tifa went on her own path for a while, before making a transformation into what is known as "The Amano Warrior". The name comes from the artist, Amano, who drew many characters of Final Fantasy. Amano drew her Beta outfit, mostly of red and white, but there's a single suspender crossing over one shoulder.

Her biggest accomplishment came at VixenMania 3, when she used the Queen of the Mountain contract she won earlier in that night, to successfully win the VWF Championship quickly off the victor of that match, Gina Carano.


Season 3Edit

  • VWF Champion - defeated Gina Carano at VixenMania 3.
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VWF Entrance Videos Tifa Lockhart