Samantha Byrne
250px-GOW 3 Sam
Names N/A
Billed From Kashkur, Sera
Debut VWF Nitro S02E01
Entrance Theme(s) "Supernova" by theGodspeed
Finisher(s) Dominator

Private Samantha "Sam" Byrne, also called "duchashka" or "lovely duchess" by the Gorasni, was a female Gear soldier that fought in Delta-One during the Stranded Insurgency and the Lambent Pandemic. She was of the daughter of a Kashkuri liaison to the COG army and a Tyran Gear. Sam grew up in Anvegad, but eventually lived in Tyrus where she joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments army and became a member of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit.

When the Coalition of Ordered Governments collapsed and was forced to abandon Vectes, Sam chose to go on the CNV Sovereign as part of the rapid response force that could assist several different settlements the COG remnants had set up. She participated in scavenging missions to the mainland, including the Mission to Hanover, and was part of the force that assaulted Azura to end the threat of the Locust and Lambent for good.

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