Rumble Roses 2012 was the first annual CAW wrestling click-per-view event of its name produced by Vixenz Wrestling Federation (VWF). It took place on January 29, 2012.

Four matches took place. Ami Mizuno won the Rumble Roses Battle Royal in the main event.



preliminary matchesEdit

X-23 pinned Danica Patrick after the Peacekeeper Kick.

Ami Mizuno wanted VWF Owner Fred James Francis to help her to find the person who stealing her powers but Fred had his hands full in VWF so due to Ami's asking for help, he got so furious, he forced Ami to start the Vixens Royal Rumble Match as #1.

Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh defeated Tequila Sunrise (Reiko Hinomoto & Dixie Clemets) to retain the VWF Tag Team Championship. Haruka pinned Dixie after the Ground Shaking.

Abdala Bin Laden was sick and tired of Lindsay Lohan's actions towards Al Qaeda but Lohan told Abdala why because she was just jealous of not being main-eventing in VWF. Abdala was about Freddy being right about Lohan having issues. Lohan proves to Abdala that she can be better by winning the Royal Rumble Match but if she doesn't win then she will quit her services to Abdala. Abdala told Lindsay that if she loses, then her contract with VWF is over.

Abdala Bin Laden pinned Usagi Tsukino with a roll-up to win the VWF Championship.

Lindsay Lohan told Tifa Lockhart that she signed a contract with VWF and no longer a member of Al Qaeda.

Main eventEdit

Ami Mizuno last eliminated Yuna to win the Rumble Roses Battle Royal and get a VWF Championship shot at VixenMania I. Ami and Abdala confronted each other.


# Result Stipulation
1 X-23 defeated Danica Patrick Singles Match
2 Haruka Tenoh & Michiru Kaioh (c) defeated Tequila Sunrise (Reiko Hinomoto & Dixie Clemets) Tag Team Match for the VWF Tag Team Championship
3 Abdala Bin Laden defeated Queen Usagi (c) Singles Match for the VWF Championship
4 Ami Mizuno is the winner 20 Vixenz Royal Rumble Match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

Royal Rumble ResultsEdit

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by Eliminations
1 Ami Mizuno WINNER 7
2 Jessica Simpson 2 Rei 0
3 Danica Patrick 4 Ami 0
4 Rikku 1 Ami 0
5 Rei Hino 3 Ami 1
6 Tifa Lockhart 7 Lara 0
7 Olivia Munn 6 Ami 1
8 Morgan Webb 5 Olivia 0
9 Makoto Kino 13 Ami 2
10 Lindsay Lohan 9 Makoto 1
11 Lara Croft 8 Lindsay 1
12 X-23 11 Makoto 1
13 LuFisto 10 X-23 0
14 Minako Aino 14 Jill 0
15 Hilary Duff 12 Ami 0
16 Jill Valentine 18 Yuna 1
17 Sakura Haruno 17 Yuna 0
18 Rinoa Heartilly 15 Ashlee 0
19 Ashlee Simpson 16 Yuna 1
20 Yuna 19 Ami 3