Now that the match is set for VixenMania, all Ami needs to do is prepare for Dark Sakura. But first, she's got to calm Fred down. What made Fred tick? Also, Lightning & Makoto go face-to-face in the ring, before they go at it for the Intergalactic Championship. And, what entry will each of the tag teams be in for their Tag Team Turmoil match, during the battle royale? It all boils down in the final Nitro episode before VixenMania 3!



Ami Mizuno has new designs made for all the VWF Championship belts. Freddy Jay Francis decides that this will be the final season of VWF.

Rikku announcess that the Tag Team turmoil will kick off VixenMania 3.

Yuna won a Fatal Four Way Elimination match. Kiki DeWynter pinned Panty after a roundhouse kick. Yuna pinned Kiki and Harley Quinn after the Shattersphere to win.

Tina Armstrong names her and Rinoa Heartilly's team The Angels of Xtreme.

Ami makes the main event Usagi Tsukino in a Gauntlet match against her, Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh.

Ashlee Simpson attacked Tifa Lockhart in her interview.

Danica Patrick & Erza Scarlet defeated Mickie James & Ling Xiaoyu in a tag team match. Danica pinned Mickie after the Pit Stop. Erza attacked Danica.

Ami tells LuFisto she will face The Miz at Saturday Night's Main Event 2014.

Rowdy Reiko pinned Makoto Kino after a 450 Splash. Lightning interfered. Dixie Clemets attacked Reiko.

Ami makes Ashlee face Tifa.

Haruka & Michiru refused to be in the main event.

Tifa Lockhart pinned Ashlee Simpson after the Final Heaven.

Main eventEdit

Ami convinced Fred to do 1 more VWF season.

Usagi, Jill Valentine and Gina Carano attack each other.


# Result Stipulation
1 Yuna defeated Panty, Kiki Dewynter and Harley Quinn Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match
2 Danica Patrick & Erza Scarlet defeated Mickie James & Ling Xiaoyu Tag Team match
3 Rowdy Reiko (with Lightning) defeated Makoto Kino Singles match
4 Tifa Lockhart defeated Ashlee Simpson Singles match
5 Usagi Tsukino (VWF Champion) vs. Ami Mizuno was no contest Non Title Singles match