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Date February 17, 2014
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Next Event Sacrifices

The Queen of the Ring tournament continues as the other half of the quarters finalize who'll enter Judgment Day in the semis and finals. The only question is what prize will be for the winner of the tournament, now that Usagi accepts the VWF title? Meanwhile, Lightning needs an opponent for her IG what is her plan?



Awesome Kong pinned Paige after an Implant Buster to win a Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal match. Gina Carano attacked them both.

Freddy Jay Francis and Ami Mizuno say that the Queen of the Ring winner will get a third spot in a Triple Threat VWF Championship match at VixenMania 3.

Lightning announced a Six Way Battle Royal where the winner will challenge for the VWF Intergalactic Championship at Judgment Day 2014.

Rinoa Heartilly pinned Kiki DeWynter after a Fallen Angel.

Ami told Gina she will team with Aerith Gainsborough to face Usagi Tsukino and Tifa Lockhart in the main event.

The Dewynters attacked Rinoa and Tina Armstrong backstage.

Cat Zingano made Hinata Hyuga submit to a crossface to win a Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal match. Rei Hino applauded her.

Mickie James won the Six Way Battle Royal. LuFisto made Hilary Duff submit to a chin lock, Mickie pinned Samus Aran after a top rope superplex, Dixie Clemets pinned Danica Patrick after a Psycho Bomb. Mickie pinned LuFisto after a Super Lariat from Dixie, and finally Mickie pinned Dixie after a Mickie DDT.

Lightning attacked Mickie James during her interview.

Main eventEdit

Tifa Lockhart & Usagi Tsukino defeated Gina Carano & Aerith Gainsborough. Aerith attacked Gina before the match and left her. Tifa pinned Gina after a Final Heaven.

The unknown entity tells Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh that they will be at Judgment Day.


# Result Stipulation
1 Awesome Kong defeated Paige Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal match
2 Rinoa Heartilly (with Tina Armstrong) defeated Kiki Dewynter (with Viola Dewynter) Singles match
3 Cat Zingano defeated Hinata Hyuga Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal match
4 Mickie James defeated Danica Patrick, LuFisto, Samus Aran, Hilary Duff and Dixie Clemets Six Way Battle Royal
5 Tifa Lockhart & Usagi Tsukino defeated Gina Carano & Aerith Gainsborough Tag Team match

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