Ami Mizuno becoming the Interim Owner of VWF means one thing...Payback! And when Ashlee finds out that she's in charge, she'll regret ever seeing her face again. Meanwhile, Panty & Stocking came close to becoming #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles. Luck comes their way as it becomes a Best of Three Series between them and the team who won the first one, last week, Rinoa & Tina! And, the Senshi continue their revenge on the Daughters of Darkness. Can Makoto overcome LuFisto? And how will Rei settle the score with the Gullwings?



Jill Valentine pinned Samus Aran after a midair Lockout through a table to retain the VWF Hardcore Championship.

Panty & Stocking defeated Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong in a tag team match. Panty pinned Tina after the Sixty Niner Piledriver.

Ami makes Rei Hino & Minako Aino face The Gullwings (Yuna & Rikku).

Makoto Kino pinned LuFisto after the Thunder Crash.

Rei Hino & Minako Aino defeated The Gullwings in a tag team match. Minako pinned Yuna after the V Kick.

Rei talks to Usagi Tsukino.

Main eventEdit

Ami made Ashlee Simpson and X-23 face each other in a No Holds Barred match for a spot in the Omega Rumble match at Rumble Roses 2014. Ashlee made X-23 submit to the Anaconda Vice. Ami says there will be 40 participants in the Omega Rumble, making Ashlee vs. X-23 pointless.


# Result Stipulation
1 Jill Valentine (c) defeated Samus Aran Hardcore match for the VWF Hardcore Championship
2 Panty & Stocking defeated Rinoa Heartilly & Tina Armstrong Tag Team match
3 Makoto Kino defeated LuFisto Singles match
4 Rei Hino & Minako Aino defeated The Gullwings (Yuna & Rikku) Tag Team match
5 Ashlee Simpson defeated X-23 No Holds Barred match
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match