Jessica Simpson
JessicaS juggalo
Names "Crazy J"
Billed From Dallas, TX
Debut VWF Nitro S01E01
Entrance Theme(s) 1) "You Spin Me Round" by Jessica Simpson
2) "Let's Go All the Way (VWF Edit)" by ICP
Finisher(s) -Simpson Effect (Side Effect)
-Joker's Wild

Former tag team partner w/ her younger sister, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica left VWF for a while, before returning on Nitro S02E07, to try and get back on her backstabbing sister. Also, Jessica made a transformation from a cowgirl self in season one, to become a juggalo wicked clown from the Insane Clown Posse in season two.


Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

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