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Date December 16, 2013
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Previous Event Against Wills
Next Event The Xtremist Returns

Mio's games now turn to the team of Rinoa & Tina, as she made two 1-on-1 matches with the two against the Gullwings. How will this play out with Haruka & Michiru? Meanwhile, Mickie J has been demanding a push, so Mio gives her a match to keep going towards her goal. Also, Lightning runs into an old enemy who humiliated her, the Hardcore title 24/7 rule continues, and so much more!



Cat Zingano confronted Usagi Tsukino.

Mickie James pinned Chun-Li after the Mickie DDT.

Jessica Simpson ko'd Dixie Clemets with the Joker's Wild to win the VWF Hardcore Championship.

Tina Armstrong defeated Rikku. Michiru Kaioh distracted Rikku. Tina pinned Rikku after the Tina Cutter.

Erza Scarlet challenged Lightning to a Tables match at Femme Fatale. They then brawled.

Lara Croft pinned Ling Xiaoyu by countering her small package.

Hinata Hyuga ko'd Jessica Simpson with the 8 Trigram 10 Strikes to win the VWF Hardcore Championship.

Usagi told Haruka Tenoh that Freddy Jay Francis will appear at Femme Fatale.

Gotham City Sirens (Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn) defeated Gears of War (Anya Stroud & Samantha Byrne) in a tag team match. Ivy pinned Samantha after the Neckbreaker of Seduction.

Main eventEdit

Rinoa Heartilly defeated Yuna. Mio Kuroki banned anyone from being in Rinoa's corner while Yuna had Rikku in hers. Rinoa pinned Yuna after the Fallen Angel.


# Result Stipulation
1 Mickie James defeated Chun-Li Singles match
2 Tina Armstrong defeated Rikku Singles match
3 Lara Croft defeated Ling Xiaoyu Singles match
4 Gotham City Sirens (Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn) defeated Gears of War (Anya Stroud & Samantha Byrne) Tag Team match
5 Rinoa Heartilly defeated Yuna (with Rikku) Singles match