Dixie Clemets
Names "3-Count Cowgirl"
Billed From Texas
Debut VWF Nitro S01E01
Entrance Theme(s) "Yankee Rose (VWF Edit)" by Teresa James & Rumble Roses Project
Finisher(s) -Dixie Driver (Psycho Driver)
-Dixie Lock (Texas Cloverleaf)

Dixie Clemets is the only daughter of a prominent Texan ranch owner. Dixie helps out with the family ranch while also working at the local sheriffs' office. She decided to try her hand at Rumble Roses when she found out that the daughter of her idol, the legendary wrestler Kamikaze Rose, entered the tournament.


Season 1Edit

Season 3Edit

Dixie Clemets Rumbletron04:10

Dixie Clemets Rumbletron

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