While Gina gets what she deserves, after she attacked Jill & Ami before their match, Jill wants another shot at the title. Can they get their match going without anyone stopping them? Meanwhile, Haruka tries to get to the bottom of what's really going on with Mio. And, the Queen of the Ring tournament enters the quarter-finals with a couple matches. Find out who gets to move on to the semis. which will take place at Judgment Day!


Preliminary matchesEdit

Haruka Tenoh interrogated Mio Kuroki.

Gina Carano made Melina submit to a rear naked choke to win a Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal match.

Paige is interviewed.

Erza Scarlet dared Rowdy Reiko to beat her for the VWF Hardcore Championship. Erza made Reiko submit to a crossface to retain.

Haruka talks to Freddy Jay Francis.

Rei Hino pinned Anya Stroud after the Super Rolling Mandala to win a Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal match.

Hinata Hyuga is interviewed.

Viola DeWynter confronted Rinoa Heartilly.

Viola & Kiki Dewynter defeated Panty & Stocking in a Tag Team match. Viola pinned Panty after a roundhouse kick.

Tifa Lockhart talked to Usagi Tsukino.

Haruka vanishes too.

Main eventEdit

Jill Valentine vs. Ami Mizuno for the vacant VWF Championship was no contest. Usagi decided to take her role as champion but lay out by Aerith Gainsborough.


# Result Stipulation
1 Gina Carano defeated Melina Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal match
2 Erza Scarlet (c) defeated Rowdy Reiko Hardcore match for the VWF Hardcore Championship
3 Rei Hino defeated Anya Stroud Queen of the Ring Quarterfinal match
4 Kiki Dewynter & Viola Dewynter defeated Panty & Stocking Tag Team match
5 Jill Valentine vs. Ami Mizuno was no contest Singles match for the vacant VWF Championship
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match