Title Date Scheduled Main Event Stipulations
Rumble Roses 1/27 Ami Mizuno (c) vs. Tifa Lockhart Funhouse from Hell match for the VWF Championship
Judgment Day 2/23 Ami Mizuno (c) vs. TBD VWF Championship (Stipulation TBD)
VixenMania 2 3/31 Ami Mizuno (c) vs. Usagi Tsukino VWF Championship
Retribution 10/27 Ashlee Simpson (c) vs. Ami Mizuno I Quit match for the VWF Championship
WarGames 11/24 Minako Aino, Rei Hino & Makoto Kino vs. LuFisto, X-23 & TBD 3-on-3 WarGames match for control of VWF
Femme Fatale 12/29 Usagi Tsukino (c) vs. Ashlee Simpson 60 Minute Xtreme IronVixen Match for the VWF Championship

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