Ami Mizuno
Names "Icon of the Vixens", Soldier of Water and Intelligence", "Soldier of Wisdom", "Soldier of Justice and Wisdom", "Soldier of Love and Exams", and "Soldier of Knowledge" under the guardianship of the "Planet of Water"
Billed From Azabu Juuban, Japan
Debut Nitro S01E01
Entrance Theme(s) "Brain Pattern (Instrumental)" by Traumatosis
Finisher(s) Mercury Stunner (Stone Cold Stunner)
Tundra Twister (Crossrhodes)

Sailor Mercury (セーラーマーキュリー Sērā Mākyurī) is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi. The alternate identity of Ami Mizuno (水野 亜美 Mizuno Ami?, renamed "Amy Mizuno" in some English adaptations), a teenage Japanese schoolgirl, she is a member of the Sailor Soldiers, female supernatural fighters who protects the Solar System from evil.

Sailor Mercury is the first Sailor Soldier to be discovered by Sailor Moon and serves as the "brains" of the group. She is highly intelligent and can use a supercomputer to collect useful information in battles. She possesses powers associated with water and ice.


Season 1

Other accomplishments

Season 1

VWF Entrance Videos Ami Mizuno02:03

VWF Entrance Videos Ami Mizuno

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