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Usagi on rumble roses poster

I still like to know where you got the picture of adult usagi for the rumble roses poster?
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Who will win the Omega Rumble?

My money's on her.

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is that what adult usagi looks like? If so, where did you get it from?
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Hilary Duff says

i whant to be WWE superstar Y2J Chris Jericho
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The Black Rose...

So where do you think this storyline is going and what do you think the end result will be?
For some reason this is what I am thinking/hoping will happen: Usagi ends up healing Aerith (though not necessarily getting the title in the process) but the shame and guilt she feels over what she's done as the "Black Rose" leads to her temporarily quitting VWF...but she'll come back by Vixenmania...that's my prediction anyway, it could involve the 'master' becoming VWF Champion around that point, which could also be a reason for Aerith to 'quit'.
I honestly don't see the "Black Rose" lastung until Vixenmania 3 (since they're moving to a new game, i.e. why Abdala disappeared at SNME last year) but that's my view anyway...
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If you brought signs to the vWF arena, what would you write?

Mercurius posted this question on facebook.
I'd bring a "Fear the Water Jug"
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This double crossing Fuck needs to die by my hands not anyone else. MINE MINE MINE
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About More Magical Girls In VWF

I Think VWF More Magical Girls Series, Like Sailor Moon, Apart Of VWF Like For e.g Pretty Cure Or Cardcaptor Sakura.
What Do You Think?
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